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Vista Link 2 Feed Coordinator


AmeriCorps VISTA Link 2 Feed Coordination Member


The Mission of the St. Louis Area Foodbank is to build stronger communities by empowering people with food and hope. As the region's largest food distribution charity dedicated to feeding those in need, we are working to create a stronger, healthier bi-state region where no one goes to be hungry. The Link 2 Feed Coordination VISTA works under the direction of the Link 2 Feed Coordinator, and the support of the Partners and Programs Team, to build the foundation of our Link 2 Feed program and implement the Link 2 Feed database to our partner agencies in the 26 counties we serve. The service year is meant to be a rewarding experience where the individual gains transferable skillsets essential to every nonprofit.


This position requires someone who:


  • Experience writing processes and documenting procedures.
  • Experience working with online databases (SQL, Tableau, etc.), a plus.
  • Ability to analyze and compile data reports.
  • Strong computer skills and Microsoft Office Suite experience.
  • Experience working with a variety of communication tools such as email, phone, and video.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Strong customer focus.
  • Team oriented.
  • Must have reliable transportation with proof of insurance and be willing to travel throughout jurisdiction.
  • Ability to think strategically while acting tactically.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Keen attention to detail.
  • Self-starter with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, handle interruptions, maintain focus on tasks and produce accurate work.
  • High level of comfort working with a large population of various racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds in an urban setting.
  • Volunteer experience. Non-profit experience preferred. Food service/Food banking industry, a plus.
  • Passion for the Foodbank mission and the ability to demonstrate SLAFB's Core Values: Stewardship, Teamwork, Agility and Respect.
  • Ability to work selected weekends.
  • Bi-lingual Spanish speaking, a plus!


The Volunteer Assignment Description (VISTA's job description format) is found on page 2.


Main responsibilities include:


  1. Research, implement, and track the client intake process at partner agency sites.
  2. Communicate effectively with partner agencies. Including providing Link2Feed client intake procedures, training, and providing deliverables.
  3. Participate in Link2Feed database management.       Including agency client input support, managing duplicates and ad hoc reporting.
  4. Assess and update the documentation for the Link2Feed program.
  5. Assist with low-level technology issues, e.g. agency login procedures and wi-fi connections.
  6. Create and develop a Link2Feed volunteer group (via St. Louis Area Foodbank Volunteer Hub database) to establish and maintain Link2Feed implementation efficiency.
  7. Support COVID -19 relief efforts as needed


The above list is not exhaustive; there will be times where you will be asked to help participate and potentially lead out other projects on an as needed basis. This can include areas outside of your immediate area of responsibility. These projects can come from the Link 2 Feed Coordinator or other staff.


Other Details: See for more detailed information.

  • 35 hours per week with the flexibility to work more as needed; One-year commitment
  • Allowed to have secondary employment with prior approval from supervisor; VISTA responsibilities must always be the first priority
  • Pay: Approximately $13,400/year stipend; end-of-service educational award of approximately $6,000 or a cash stipend of approximately $1,800 is available *All dependent upon service year completion
  • Professional development opportunities related to position available
  • Other benefits may include: a relocation allowance for moving for service, childcare assistance, mileage reimbursement for service-related travel and health care options
  • Join a community! In St. Louis, there is a VISTA umbrella with other like-minded individuals living and working in the community. Events take place monthly.


Volunteer Assignment Description - AmeriCorps VISTA Link 2 Feed Coordination Member


Title: AmeriCorps VISTA Link 2 Feed Coordination Member

Sponsoring Organization: St. Louis Area Foodbank

Project Name: St. Louis Area Foodbank

Project Period: February 16, 2021 to February 15, 2022


Goal of the Project:


The goal of the St. Louis Area Foodbank VISTA Program is to increase the number of meals the Foodbank provides to the community each year. During this term, we plan to distribute at least 41 million meals. To do this, the Link 2 Feed VISTA will increase the number of partner agencies utilizing the Link 2 Feed database software. This will increase communication and client data reporting efficiency and accuracy between the St. Louis Area Foodbank and partner agencies using a real-time reporting database. By creating a more efficient reporting process, the Foodbank and agency partners can eliminate the extensive amount of monthly reporting in paper form in an accurate and precise manner. This will allow the Foodbank and partners to have additional time to focus on reaching communities most in need through the delivery of nutritious food in a way that meets people where they spend their time instead of through traditional food pantries. By increasing access to food, we enable the one in six families who face hunger throughout our 26-county territory to save precious dollars that they can then use on health care costs, utilities, unexpected costs such as repairs, etc.


Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance February 16, 2021 March 30, 2021): Assess the current state of the Link 2 Feed program at the St. Louis Area Foodbank and make recommendations.


Member Activities:

  1. Review current Link 2 Feed program including data collection, database management (Link 2 Feed), documentation management, recruitment of volunteers via St. Louis Area Foodbank, etc.
  2. Research best practices and provide recommendations
  3. Attend food distributions to learn, test models and assist as needed


Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance April 1, 2021 July 31, 2021): Create and implement client intake activity procedures for the Link 2 Feed program based on research findings.


Member Activities:

  1. Create and implement data collection methods, includes partner agency client intake activities (agency launches).
  2. Create necessary templates and forms (Link 2 Feed internal and external documentation, agency training documentation, etc.) and begin implementation throughout the Foodbank
  3. Create Link 2 Feed ad hoc reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  4. Partner with VISTA Volunteer Coordinator to begin recruiting Link 2 Feed volunteers and create a process to identify, train and grow volunteers.
  5. Develop methods to establish the success of the Link 2 Feed volunteer program to include, but not limited to, volunteer tracking, volunteer satisfaction, and hours/shifts completed
  6. Assist with supporting agencies through check-in calls, emails, etc.
  7. Attend food distributions to learn, test models and assist as needed


Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance August 1, 2021 February 15, 2022): Maintain newly developed methods of the Link 2 Feed program. Research and identify partner agencies in need of Link 2 Feed database implementation. Assist in implementing and tracking Link 2 Feed software within the partner agency network. Create ad hoc reports as requested. Assist in the recruitment of Link 2 Feed program volunteers. Implement program findings and continually improve tracking as needed.


Member Activities:

  1. Regularly evaluate and update the Link 2 Feed database.
  2. Research, implement, and track the Link 2 Feed client intake process at partner agencies.
  3. Provide ongoing Link 2 Feed training to partner agencies.
  4. Provide Link 2 Feed program documentation (internal and external procedures, training documentation, etc.)
  5. Provide Link 2 Feed ad hoc reports to the Link 2 Feed team (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  6. Identify and actively recruit Link 2 Feed volunteers via St. Louis Area Foodbank Volunteer Hub database.
  7. Working with the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator, create job description(s) for the volunteer program to recruit and aid in the sustainment of the program
  8. Research the need for volunteers to assist with the client intake process at partner agencies.
  9. Continually assess data collection methods to determine agency satisfaction and adjust program as needed based on results
  10. Attend food distributions to learn, test models and assist as needed


Apply at:


Contact Person:

Charlene Harris

Link 2 Feed Coordinator


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